Introducing Gathr Films’ new Virtual Event Cinema platform: Gathr At Home™

Create a single screening event with Q&A's, all behind a transactional paywall with the ability to Geo-restrict by IP Address according to territory. We are the only company who has built a comprehensive all-in-one product.

We are choosing SIX films to take advantage of our new Virtual Event Cinema platform & WAIVING ALL FEES.

Yes, that's right. Totally for free. ($1,500 value!)

Gathr Contest Deadline V1



Guidelines for consideration:

You must meet all of these criteria.

  • You are not charging admission

  • You are ready to launch your stream event within the next 30 days. 

  • Your film has had a commercial release over 90 days ago. 

  • You have a robust following, can do your own marketing,  and can drive at least 200 attendees to your event. 

  • You agree to use your event as a fundraiser. Raise money for your own cause or use your event to raise money for movie theatres.

  • You are able to assemble a compelling Q&A (panel, or individuals) with engaging content for your viewers.

  • You are willing to provide a testimonial about the product.

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